In this section, you will find information regarding the practicalities of studying in our two universities

Taking courses outside your home university

Now that you know all the courses you can take. Here are a few sources of information about how to take courses outside your university

Academic year timetables

Each university has slightly different timetables for the academic year. Here is an overview of both schedules

Period I

Aug 29 - Oct 23

Period II

Oct 24 - Dec 26

Period III

Jan 9 - March 5

Period IV

March 6 - May 28

Period I

Aug 29 - Oct 21

Period II

Oct 24 - Dec 22

Period III

Jan 9 - March 3

Period IV

March 6 - May 12

Our classes are taught in a variety of ways


Lectures give the student the opportunity to learn straight from the source with informative presentations and peer discussions.

Exercise Classes

Exercise classes are often offered in conjunction with lectures. Lectures introduce the material and exercise classes involve a hands-on interaction.

Online Courses

Online courses can be taken from the comfort of your own desk. Make the most by joining in on forum discussions and reviewing work of your peers.

Book Exams

Book exams are sometimes offered instead of full courses. Earn the credits by reading the material and taking an exam.