Draupathy from India


Interests: Usability testing. Evaluation of interfaces.

Background: Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology

After my Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, I was given the opportunity to work as a UI designer in a reputed company. This included attending a 6-month User Experience training program in which we were equipped with the latest trends in design and interaction. When I was working as a designer with the company, I was asked to redesign certain applications. The challenges I faced with respect to rework, availability of required software to recode, lack of time, etc. hindered my output. I realized that these applications could have been built in much more usable way had it undergone any sort of usability evaluation in the initial stages.

Understanding the interaction between various components of the application and also the interaction with the users is an exciting task. It helps to understand user needs and rectifying problems at an earlier stage to eliminate rework. Usability experts do make lives easier!

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