We give students the freedom to create

In many of our courses students have a chance to work on a final project where they can apply the knowledge obtained in the course, freely ideate and/or implement a prototype.


You have the freedom to bring your own thoughts to the table and choose a project that moves you


We provide the devices and resources that you need to create the next big thing. VR glasses, smart watches, Kinect, Arduinos, experiment with them all!


We have a usability and gaze lab where you can test the prototypes you create

Our research

In the University of Tampere, TAUCHI (Tampere Unit for Computer-Human Interaction) focuses on human–technology interaction. TAUCHI carries out a wide range of multidisciplinary research into technology-mediated novel ways of multimodal interaction with devices, environments and people. Their expertise covers new technologies such as smart objects and environments, gestural interfaces, gaze tracking, haptics, mixed reality, computer vision, speech-, context- or emotion-based interaction, virtual avatars, user experience and usability, etc.
In the Tampere University of Technology, IHTE (Unit of Human-Centered Technology) investigates user needs and user experience of interactive technology. Their focus is on mobile and ubiquitous technologies and novel interaction techniques. The research aims also at developing methods for designing, evaluating and implementing novel technical systems with pleasurable user experience. The research is multidisciplinary and combines engineering and technology development with psychological and sociological understanding of human values and requirements.


We want our students to strive for more

As part of the preparation in our programme, we not only want to train our students with the expertise needed in their future careers but we are also highly committed to provide them with the tools and resources needed to find a job. We wish for our students to be successfully integrated to the working environment in Finland. That is why, we are encouraging them to create portfolios to showcase their skills and know-how to potential employers in Finland and the rest of the world.

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