Psychology of Pervasive Computing (TUT/IHTE TIE-40106)

Thomas Olsson
Psychology of Pervasive Computing (TUT/IHTE TIE-40106)


After taking the course the student can present the basic information about psychology and apply these in the design of technology and environments. From a technical point of view, the course focuses on pervasive computing environments, such as smart environments and augmentation of human activities with information technology. The psychological topics to be learned include personality, information processing, human memory, motivation, communication, emotions, creativity, group behaviour, organizational psychology, psychology of consumption and aesthetics, and designing for special groups.

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Thomas Olsson
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I'm an inter-disciplinary and practice-oriented scholar who aims to create more socially sustainable technologies for tomorrow. I'm a user-centered designer and engineer by training, and currently tilting increasingly towards social scientific aspects of technology. At UTA, I’m leading the group of Technology and Social Interaction, researching how to enhance social interaction and bring people more effectively together with the help of information technology.