Principles of Usability, User Experience and User Interfaces



Upon completion of the course the student - knows about important paradigms and milestones in the history of human-computer interaction - understands the importance of user-centered design for the success of products- understands basics of human perceptual, cognitive and motor functions, and their importance to interaction design- recognizes basic controls and interaction styles in graphical user interfaces and is able to describe how they should be applied - knows where to look for information about platform specific user experience design guidelines for graphical user interfaces- can apply principles of good design in expert evaluation and find design errors in user interfaces.


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Course Details

  • University UTA
  • Credits 5 ECTS
  • Periods I
  • Grading Pass/fail.
  • Type Lectures
  • +358 50 318 5890
user-centered methods, usability and user experience