Principles of Programming Graphical User Interfaces


Upon completion of the course the student will - know the fundamental knowledge and skills to implement graphical user interfaces,- know how to utilize the most common user interface components,- know and be able to utilize common graphical user interface related software architecture patterns.



Mon 4-Mar-2019 at 10-12, PInni B1097

Tue 5-Mar-2019 - 7-May-2019 weekly at 14-16, Pinni B3109

Mon 11-Mar-2019 - 6-May-2019 weekly at 10-12, Pinni B0016

Thu 7-Mar-2019 - 16-May-2019 weekly at 12-14, Pinni B0016

Thu 7-Mar-2019 - 16-May-2019 weekly at 14-16, PInni B0016


Curricula Schedule

Course Details

  • University UTA
  • Credits 5-10 ECTS
  • Periods IV
  • Grading Numeric 1-5.
  • Type Lectures

Enrolment ends 24.2.2019 23:59
Jakko Hakulinen
  • +358 50 318 7729
I'm a researcher in TAUCHI unit in UTA and share my time about 50/50 between research work and teaching related activities. I'm doing mostly constructive research in new interaction techniques and styles, i.e., programming various kinds of user interfaces and tools in different programs as part of the SPI research group. The topics vary from speech user interfaces to interactive lighting and from gestural interaction to data auralization.