Human-Centered Product Development (TUT/IHTE TIE-41206)

Human-Centered Product Development (TUT/IHTE TIE-41206)


The student understands how to take user needs and requirements into account when developing interactive products in general and in software projects in particular. Student can apply a lean human-centered design process in design and development activities. After completing the course the student knows how to: - describe the whole lifecycle of product development, the parts of the lifecycle and their meaning in interactive product development - identify suitable human centered methods for different situations and phases of product development - evaluate analytically the functioning of a cross-functional team - apply human centered design in lean product development projects - plan the usability/user experience work in a development project together with the team members - identify and exploit academic, commercial, and other relevant sources of information and inspiration to support human-centered product development.



Curricula Schedule

Course Details

  • University TUT
  • Credits 5 ECTS
  • Periods III-IV
  • Grading Numeric 1-5.
  • Type Lectures & Exercises
  • +35840 849 0720
Human-Technology Interaction, Information Systems, Open Science, Open Data, Signal Processing and Analysis, Telecommunications, Measurement Technology, Applied Animal Behavior and Training, Higher and Continued Education