Game Project

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Game Project


After completing the study module, the student is able to:- understand the game industry ecosystem and outline the special issues in game development- identify different forms and practices in commercial and non-commercial game development- understand the importance of iteration for game development- generate, concretize, transform, develop, test and document game ideas in a short time period- act as part of production team and understand different production roles- understand the role and relevance of creativity and ideas for game development- identify and apply the basics elements of usability, playability and user experience within the context of game development- to use models, tools and methods for design and evaluation in game development


Thu 12-Jan-2017 - 25-May-2017 weekly at 16-18, Pinni B3116

Fri 13-Jan-2017 - 19-May-2017 weekly at 12-16, Pinni B3107


Curricula Schedule

Course Details

  • University UTA
  • Credits 10 ECTS
  • Periods III-IV
  • Grading Numeric 1-5.
  • Type Lectures & Exercises

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