Finnish Elementary Course 1 (taught in 1. period)

Heikki Kangasniemi


Upon successful completion of the course, students will know the foundations of Finnish pronunciation and the most common core vocabulary. In addition, they will be able to use and understand short and simply structured Finnish expressions that concern some of the most common everyday matters (introducing themselves, buying and paying, telling the time, food, asking and answering questions, location and moving around).


Mon 27-Aug-2018 - 8-Oct-2018 weekly at 12-14, PinniB 4115

Wed 29-Aug-2018 - 10-Oct-2018 weekly at 14-16, PinniB4117

Thu 30-Aug-2018 - 4-Oct-2018 weekly at 14-16, PinniB3118

Tue 11-Sep-2018 at 12-14, PinniA 1081

Tue 2-Oct-2018 at 12-14, PinniA3107

Tue 28-Aug-2018 - 9-Oct-2018 weekly at 10-12, Päätalo D13

Wed 29-Aug-2018 - 10-Oct-2018 weekly at 10-12, Päätalo D13, No class 5.9.

Fri 31-Aug-2018 - 12-Oct-2018 weekly at 10-12, Päätalo D13


Curricula Schedule

Course Details

  • University UTA
  • Credits 3 ECTS
  • Periods I
  • Grading Numeric 1-5.
  • Type Lectures

Enrolment ends 23.8.2018 23:59

Heikki Kangasniemi