Cross-Cultural Design (TUT/IHTE TIE-40206)

Thomas Olsson
Cross-Cultural Design (TUT/IHTE TIE-40206)


After the course the student can explain what is multi-cultural design and how one can make sure that a product fits to different cultures. The student can define what culture as a concept means, what kind of levels of culture there are, how cultures differ from each other and how they affect on interaction with products. The student can explain different approaches and methods related to multi-cultural design, and apply the learnings from the course to the cross-cultural design in practice. One can communicate with representatives of different cultures and study their needs and expectations of technology.



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Course Details

  • University TUT
  • Credits 3 ECTS
  • Periods III
  • Grading Numeric 1-5.
  • Type Lectures
Thomas Olsson
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I'm an enthusiastic UX lover, particularly interested in the subjective experiential implications of information technology. What UX is all about? How to design for UX? How to measure it? How to make it a commercial asset? In research, I’m leading a group of Social Technologies, researching how to enhance social interaction with information technology.
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