Taking Tampere3 course units at UTA, TUT and TAMK is now possible!


From autumn 2016 onwards, the degree students of Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Tampere University of Technology and the University of Tampere (Tampere3) and the students of TAMK’s School of Vocational Teacher Education will be offered the opportunity to seek certain studies at the other Tampere3 higher education institutions. The students will therefore have improved chances of diverse studies according to their own interests.

The study offerings intended for all degree students of the Tampere3 HEIs have been gathered in a cross-institutional study service. The service opened for use at noon on Tuesday, 16 August 2016. All attending degree students are welcome to use the service for applying for the right to study for the available studies at the other higher education institutions, provided that they have first checked the suitability of these studies for their degrees with their home institution. The service provides HEI-specific instructions for the students.
The study offerings are available for one academic year at a time

The offerings will remain valid for an academic year at a time. Students are free to seek these studies flexibly throughout the year, and the right to study will always remain effective until the end of the academic year. Students can also supplement their selections in the cross-institutional study service during the academic year. It is important for students to carefully familiarize themselves with the study information and seek the right to study well in advance in order to ensure that they can sign up for the courses and exams during the applicable periods. Study records from the other higher education institutions will be automatically transferred to the students’ home universities, starting from the end of the first teaching period.

Some of the students may be entitled to take studies at another HEI based on their own studies. These students do not need to register separately in the cross-institutional study service in order to take studies included in their degree.

The service is now open. You can start browsing the study offerings and apply for the studies through the service.

Explore the Cross-institutional study service

Source: SIS News. UTA website

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